Rapping for Christ

Thanks to Tim Bayly for posting this video. The problem with doing Scriptural content in pop culture forms is that the forms lend themselves to sinful tendencies. These are not necessary tendencies, but we should never divorce form and content since any good piece of art marries the two fluently. I’m writing from Seattle where it’s hard to find an alternative band that doesn’t whine and complain, and not just with their lyrics–postures, mopey faces and black eyeliner. Christians, largely clueless about what any of this means, think, “I know, people love this stuff, let’s take out the profanity, stick in some Bible words, and voila: gigs at the mega-church.” But pouting and whining doesn’t become disciples, much less worship leaders, of Jesus. Neither does bravado, the signature of rap and much hip hop.

Thankfully, Shai Linne is a shining exception. The lyrics are biblical, the performance isn’t self-centered, and despite the performance element (applause etc), he is aware of the temptation of the setting to forget God amidst the lights and glitter.┬áThe clear and bold preaching is consistent with his song. Praise God for this guy.

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