Make Your Home a Jolly One

This Christmas season is going to be different in some ways than the ones before. We should pray for churches that are not meeting, for tyrannical mayors and governors, for people who are ruled by fear, and for those who are elderly and immune-compromised.

Given that we are in this situation where many things that we would love to do are not happening this year, what should we do? We should take what has been called the most egregious policy blunder in the history of American government and turn a profit on it.

You will be home more this Christmas than likely any other. So be diligent to make your home a place where you and everyone in in your family wants to be. What’s far worse and more tragic than not being able to go somewhere and do something is when people in families don’t want to be together.

This starts with confession of sin, each person taking responsibility for their sins to God. This means keeping short accounts with Him. The only barrier to the joy of your salvation is the length of time it takes you to repent and confess your sin. Do this quickly and thoroughly. Don’t just say sorry to those you’ve sinned against, but name your sin the way God does, and seek forgiveness. Husbands and wives do this with each other and with your kids. Demonstrate this for your children, and lead them to do the same. Fathers, take responsibility to make sure this is happening. You may have to repent of your frustration at having to sort out the squabbles occurring in your home, which at the center of your calling to lead. So don’t neglect this work in your heart and life. Ask God to give you wisdom, diligence, and grace to make your home the place where everyone in it wants to be.

The results of doing this are spectacular. We can lose the public performance of Handel’s Messiah and all kinds of other wonderful things, but still have what really matters—the abundant joy of Christ. Make sure you open this Christmas gift early and often–every day—and make time to give it away this season. People are afraid, confused, disappointed, and more afraid. In other words, there has never been a better time to share the hope and peace of the gospel.

But we can only give away what we have. We can only share what are enjoying ourselves. So make your home a jolly one.

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