The Right Transformation

One of the ways Christians have gotten themselves into trouble at the Lord’s Supper is by thinking wrongly about the elements, the bread and the wine. Jesus didn’t say “This is my body, broken for you” so that we could ignore what He is doing and instead wonder “How are the bread particles undergoing molecular transformation into Jesus’ body?”

This rite is not a magic trick with bread and wine. That’s not what’s being transformed. But then what is? In the Reformation, when the Church turned away from late Medieval superstition about the elements and on to Christ, Communion prayers sounded like this:

“Grant us this grace, that with true sincerity of heart and ardent zeal we receive of him such great favor and blessing, and that in sure faith we receive his body and his blood…that we receive Christ wholly and entirely…the holy bread of heaven which makes us truly alive.” “Grant that we no longer live to ourselves and according to our nature, which is evil and corrupt, but rather that he lie in us so that we be brought to a life that is holy, blessed, and eternal” “Grant that we be made true participants in the new and eternal testament, that is to say, the covenant of grace.” –John Calvin

The transformation is not in the food and drink, but in those who drink, not bread and wine, but in the congregation. The thing being transformed here is you. It all done by living faith that gets up and serves Him tomorrow. That’s what God is doing here and why Jesus told us to it in remembrance of him. So eat and love him, drink and follow Him.

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