Power Give

Luther attacked the sacrament of ordination which is one manifestation of a false sacred/secular divide. How many pastors teach in such a way that nothing they ever affects or applies the way people behave at work? If a minister is a different sort of person altogether, saying “spiritual” things for a limited spiritual realm, then it makes sense that religion one compartment of a compartmentalized life. The faux sacrament of ordination is bad business, “designed to engender implacable discord whereby the clergy and the laity should be separated farther than heaven and earth, to the incredible injury of baptismal grace and to the confusion of evangelical fellowship. This is the source of that detestable tyranny over the laity by the clergy who, relying  the external anointing of their hands, the tonsure and the vestments, no only exalt themselves above lay Christians, anointed by the Holy Spirit, but even regard them as dogs, unworthy to be included with them in the Church. ” Outside of Catholicism, these attitudes are still prevalent where ministers think they have spiritual exaltation, preferred benefits, or entitlement access, and titular dignity above other brothers and sisters. Ironically, Luther’s greatness came from minimizing his own. This sort of power give, rather than grab, is the mark of all reformers and reformations.

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