Animals Love Calvinism

According to McFetridge (Calvinism in History), the American Puritans,

Among all the people in the American colonies, they (the Puritans, Calvinists of New England) stood morally without peers. They were the men and the women of conscience, of sterling convictions. They were not, indeed, greatly given to sentimentalism. With mere spectacular observances in religion they had no sympathy. . . . All their thoughts and relations were imbued with [their religion]. Not only men, but beasts also, were made to feel its favorable influences. Cruelty to animals was a civil offense. In this respect they were two centuries in advance of the bulk of mankind.

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  1. Kaitiaki

    I just wanted to add the fact that under the Whitefield revival in Wales (as recoded in one of the Banner of Truth Trust books) even the pit ponies knew it was the Sabbath – because they did not have to work and were allowed out of the pit to rest on the hillsides during that day.

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