On The Star

“At this point we should know that the heretical followers of Priscillian consider that every individual person is born under the influence of the stars. They claim in support of their error that a new star shone forth when the Lord appeared in a human body, a star which they believe influenced his destiny. But we must consider the words of the Gospel. It is said of the star, “Until it came to rest over the place where the child was” (Matt. 2:9). It was not the child who was drawn to the star, but the star to the child; if you allow me to say so, the star did not influence the destiny of the child, but the child influenced the destiny of the star by his appearance.”  –Gregory the Great

2 Comments On The Star

  1. jasonfarleys

    I was talking with a new-agey rastafarian the other day who was telling me to align my shakras with the stars, and we opened up to this passage together and I explained that he was misreading the stars if they were telling him to do anything but worship Jesus, since that is what they do. We also looked at the stars that sang to the shepherds, and the stars that fought against cisera, Ps. 19. Should’ve figured that it wasn’t new.

  2. jwowen

    Interesting. Sounds like we should align ourselves with the stars since they are in fact declaring his glory, which might be a nice angle to take with Rasta and astrological crowd.

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