Not a Network the Way CNN Is

Weeks ago now the White House made the comment that FOX is not a real network the way CNN is. A poll taken by NPR (that league of conservatism) relates the public opinion.

As of today, 12% (238,326 votes) agree with the White House, 87% (1,794,370 votes) agree with Fox News (“it asks questions others don’t and the White House should be able to handle them”), and 1% (27,769 votes) voted neither.

2 Comments Not a Network the Way CNN Is

  1. Rachel

    Hey Jerry,

    What do you think about FOX? Is it any good. All I know is that they have had some very dogy news reports about the Netherlands, but if all of their news reports are like that? Maybe they are better when it is about your own country?


  2. jwowen

    Hi Rachel,

    Fox is alright, sometimes conservative and other times neo-conservative. They do seem to ask questions that liberal networks like CNN or MSNBC won’t, but I think they have their own biases. Sean Hannity, for example, while right on many issues, is an insufferable nationalist, saying again and again how American is God’s greatest gift to the world. But most Fox reporter’s are able to recognize the intolerance of leftist secularism that dominates much of the universities and federal government in the US.


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