Blasphemy-Free Naked Dance

A friend forwarded this story to me. St. Stephen’s Church in Edinburgh is hosting 150 naked women dancing on stage as part of the Fringe Festival. The Church of Scotland has no problem with this just as long as there is no blasphemy. Phew. For a moment there I was thinking God might not like 150 naked women “[expressing] how they feel about their own bodies” in the church.

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  1. Rachel

    The world is gone mad.

    I did hear a ‘funny’ story this week though. A friend of mine was on a archaeological dig in the centre of Nijmegen (a dutch city in the East of the country) during a summer a couple of years ago. There were also two American girls. It was very warm and during the afternoon some of the guys decided to take their shirts of. However to the shock of all the Dutchies the American girls under the weird impression this was normal in ‘liberal’ Holland decided to do the same thing and started to work topless! It was the task of the poor senior archaeologist to tell them this was not normal and order them to get a shirt on as quickly as possible. So just in case your post will people give the impression it it is normal to run around naked in Europe – no it is not.


  2. jwowen

    Yes, Europe has nothing on us. On the ecclesiastical front, I think of America as a leader of the sexual circus, and Bishop Robinson our star attraction. I’m glad to hear our archeologists are representing.

    Michael, it didn’t occur to me to do so although Jackson’s passing marks a sad but predictable end. The King of Pop was conflicted about his race and gender, and I hope his children, now officially fatherless, find comfort and clarity.

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