Desiring Revival


“Yet again, my brethren, before I leave this point, imitate Jesus in secret. When no eye seeth you accept the eye of God, when darkness covers you, when you are shut up from the observation of mortals, even then be like Jesus Christ. Remember his ardent piety, his secret devotion — how, after laboriously preaching the whole day, he stole away in the midnight shades to cry for help from his God. Recollect how his entire life was constantly sustained by fresh inspiration of the Holy Spirit, derived by prayer. Take care of your secret life: let it be such that you will not be ashamed to read at the last great day. Your inner life is written in the book of God, and it shall one day be open before you. If the entire life of some of you were known, it would be no life at all: it would be a death. Yea, even of some true Christians we may say it is scarce a life. It is the dragging out of existence — one hasty prayer a day — one breathing, just enough to save their souls alive, but no more. Oh, my brethren, strive to be more like Jesus Christ. These are times when we want more secret prayer. I have had much trouble here all this week. I know not whether it is true; but when I feel such a thing I like to tell it to those of you who belong to my own church and congregation. I have trembled lest, by being away from our own place, you have ceased to pray as earnestly as you once did. I remember your earnest groans and petitions — how you would assemble together in a house of prayer in multitudes, and cry out to God to help us servant. We cannot meet in such style at present; but do you still pray in private? Have you forgotten me? Have you ceased to cry out to God? Oh! My friends, with all the entreaties that men can use, let me appeal to you. Recollect who I am, and what I am — a child, having little education, learning, ability or talent; and here I am called upon week after week, to preach to this crowd of people. Will you not, my beloved, still plead for me? Has not God been pleased to hear your prayers 10,000 times? And will you now cease, when a mighty revival is taking place in many churches? Will ye now stop your petitions? Oh! No; go to your houses, fall upon your knees, cry aloud to God to enable you still to hold up your hands like Moses on the hill, the Joshua below may fight and overcome the Amalekites. Now is the time for victory: shall we lose it? This is the high tide that will float us over the bar; now let us put out the oars; let us pull by earnest prayer, crying for God the Spirit to fill the sails! He who loves God, of every place in every denomination, wrestle for your ministers; pray for them; for why should not God even now put out his Spirit? What is the reason why we are to be denied Pentecostal seasons? Why not this hour, as one mighty band, fall down before him and entreat him, for his Son’s sake, to revive his drooping church? Then would all men discern that we are verily the Disciples of Christ.”

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  1. Trevor Mauss

    Amen. What a neglected gift that God has given to His bride. Cuts right to the heart. Lord, teach us to pray.

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