Promise & Fulfillment

Many times God’s fulfillment seems like less than His foreshadowing. Jesus is the greater Moses, the prophet with all wisdom and true counsel for God’s people, and yet said nothing officially for three decades. He never write a book, and much of what He said was unintelligible at the time He said it to own His apostles. We don’t even know what His voice sounded like. This was the Word of God, the man who taught with true authority.

When the King of the Universe, the only-begotten and royal Son of God came into the world, He was born in an obscure place. The only pomp and circumstance was performed to shepherds keeping their flocks at night. They and a few wise men were most of few who found out. No red carpet, no room at the inn. This is the Son of David, the greater Solomon, the King of kings.

When the Lamb of God took away the sins of the world, He did it on a common Roman cross, with two-bit criminals on either side. He conquered Satan, sin and death while naked, bloodied, and suffocating in front of a jeering crowd. It was not the millions of sacrificed bulls and goats carefully offered by devout priests, given with ancient prayers and beautiful songs, but Jesus, arrested at night, run through a kangaroo court, murdered for political expediency, crying in forsaken agony that paid for the sins of the world.

God always keeps His word and fulfills His promises to us, but we can hardly anticipate it and are sometimes completely unaware at time. And so it is at Lord’s Table. There’s no spectacle here, but by faith we commune with the body and blood of Jesus. This is a wonderful and incredible mystery. We can’t control or predict how it will work, and we understand very little, but we know this is His way. So come and welcome to Jesus.

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