Free to Love


The Lord’s Table is an oasis of love and freedom. God shows His love for us by feeding us body and soul. He assures our hearts that He will always do this, day after day with our daily bread. But we won’t just be sustained, our hearts will be made made glad by His wine.

This is also a token of our freedom because we’re free to drink. God sets the Table with dangerous stuff because He has sent the Spirit of self-control and wisdom into our hearts. Many Christians emphasize the freedom not to drink, and that is certainly wise in many contexts, but not every context. This freedom Jesus gives us equips us to live godly and mature lives, walking with the Spirit and defeating the flesh.

We’re sent from here to love the Lord and our neighbor the way we would be loved, the way God has just loved us. He feeds us in fellowship; He gives Himself to us to enjoy. Receive Him and give yourselves to others the same way.

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