Not Working Alone

God is all powerful and upholds all things, but He likes not just to share the wealth but also the work.

In many ways, what we see here of the Father choosing not to work unilaterally but to accomplish his work through the Son, or through the Spirit, extends into his relationship to us. Does God need us to do his work? Does God need us to help others grow in Christ? Does God need us to proclaim the gospel so that others hear the good news and are saved? The answer is an emphatic no. He doesn’t need any of us to do any of this. Being the omnipotent and sovereign Ruler over all, he would merely have to speak, and whatever he willed would be done. Recall the words of Paul in Acts 17:25, that God is not “served by human hands, as though he needed anything.” No, the humbling fact is that God doesn’t need any of those whom he calls into his service. So why does he do it this way? Why does he call us into his service, and even command us to “serve the LORD” (Ps. 100:2)? The startling answer is this: He calls us into a service that he doesn’t need because he wants so very much to share with us. He’s generous. He loves and delights in giving a portion of his glorious work to others and empowering them to do it.” (Bruce Ware, Father, Son, & Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles, & Relevance, p. 57)

Imagine how transforming this is for occupational endeavors. The reason someone should hire someone else is not just that they need the work done, but because they self-consciously want to bless the one who works for them. An employee does not view his boss as someone trying to exploit his workers (unless, of course, he is), but as one imitating the great Employer who seeks help in getting the job done. Outside the Triune life are all labor unions, strikes, and exploitations.

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