Lord’s Day Twitter?

It would be more than a little ironic for a pastor to blog against the use of technology to further spiritual growth, so be assured, I’m not doing that.

This article discusses how some pastors encourage their members to Twitter during the worship service.

Last year, Voelz, a pastor, was tweeting at a conference outside Nashville about ways to make the church experience more creative — ways to “make it not suck” — when suddenly it hit him: Twitter. Continue reading

TV & Fame Junkies

Halpern again:

There is also a strong correlation between how much television teenagers watch and how badly they want to become famous. One of the survey questions was “If you could push the magic button to change your life in one way, which of the following which you pick?” The options were “(a) Becoming smarter”; “(b) Becoming much bigger or stronger”; “(c) Becoming famous”; “(d) Becoming beautiful or more beautiful”; and “(e) My life doesn’t need any improving.” Among those teens who watched one hour or less of TV a day, only 15% of boys and 17% of the girls chose fame. But among those who watched five hours or more a day — and many did — 29% of boys and 37% of the girls chose fame. (12)