Introducing A New Kind of Christianity, sorta

I’ve been slow getting around to Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity, but here I finally am. Reading books I disagree with is fun and a regular part of my omnivore reading diet. A friend even urged on and loaned me Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart, and what do I do, but read it?

The difficulty with reading McLaren is that it’s like talking to a salesman who swears he has nothing to gain personally from you purchasing his product and he genuinely appears to believe it. In other words, the self-deception is sincere; he really thinks he is loving and humble, evidenced by self-effacement and endless declarations of humility and generosity. Oh, sorry, those declarations would qualify as statements, and don’t you know that statements “create debate (and sometimes, sadly, hate) that moves us into a new state” (p17). Those italics and fine rhymes are his. You want to walk away, but I won’t because I’m so humble. I need you to know this. Humble, humble, humble. Did I mention that? Continue reading